Imperfect Is Cool

Assalamualaikum and almost good night. I took a pill in Ibiza. I thought Ibiza was in Israel. so, I preferred to hate this music at the first place. And, the singer is Mike Posner, I never learn to like his song because it is totally not approachable to my heart since 2010, I guess. Then, I google image about Ibiza.. The first thought was, “Oh, okay, beautiful places, maybe I would like to put in bucket list.” And, then, I saw the “Spain” word. Wow, Ibiza’s country state is Spain!?? Cool!! I like Spain and, someday I would to spend sometime at Spain, In Syaa Allah… I even take Spanish class for the next semester and I can’t wait for it.

Firstly, straight to the point, I would like to tell that, I am a human and always do the same, terrible mistakes. I really like to advice people but, in the same time, I did some mistakes. Actually, I am trying and struggling to approach the kindness and positive vibes here, I want to learn from the failure and attempt to try hard in the next day. I am imperfect girl who can do both thing, good deed and evil. To be honest, we suppose to restrain ourselves from trying to do something bad. The term of “Istiqamah” which means doing the good things continuously even in a little quantity has much effect to our personality. If we tend to “istiqamah” in every way, our life would end up with happiness and all things fall on its place. But, it is very hard and need to struggle to become a better human because the devil keeps haunting our mind, asking some part of us to do bad things. They keep putting the hesitation in our heart, triggering the emotional of feeling right when doing something wrong; feeling wrong when doing something right.

Here I am, this is me. I should feel enough with everything I have had. I should not compare my life with others. Even though, they have got better life than me, but, I am here, still in the same places, had to learn about gratitude and doing reformation in my life so that, I can go to the next level in my life. Everybody has their own track to happiness. So, I couldn’t blame them for having the best thing in their life. It is their life. So, I just have to focus on my mission and vision so that I could have better life than other people.



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