Sad Song

Hello good afternoon. Today, I’ve got no class. Two class with total 4 hours are already cancelled, announced in the last week by my beloved lecturers of separation technique and material chemistry. This is because, this whole weeks should be celebrated at home with family during Eidul Adha. But, I had to come back early while others are extending their holidays till this Sunday. I had to because I’ve got classes yesterday. 3 classes but I had to absent in the first class because I had emergency with my stomach. Uggghh. Totally waste. .

Hmmm.. What is it about sad song? You know, everybody used to listen to sad song to rise up their sad mode. I always feel I’m shooting a sad music video while listening to the sad songs. The most played sad song are Goodbye My Love and Incurable Disease. These are kind of soundtrack from drama Korean. Goodbye My Love sang by Ailee is totally making me feel in the real music video because the drama, Fated To Love You (Korean version) is full of sad moment and really got me into the character. Hahahha. Okay. The moment is getting real when I used to listen to this song while I’m heading back to my campus in Pahang in the bus. I listen while my eyes look at the cars that pass the bus in top speed.


Whatever. Im going to rest my eyes.


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