Be Wise, Man!

I don’t really get it. I thought that for those who are chosen to be a leader supposed to show positive vibes and spread love, not hatred. I mean, for those who are really demonstrate their kindness, responsibility and running the position with integrity and honesty, so, GOOD JOB and WELL DONE!!! I don’t agree if the leader will be too ambitious about their goal especially when it comes to Islam religion. (Im talking about Trump). They really hate Islam. And, me, as Muslim, wonder why, why they should bother about Islam, though? They should just focus on their country and make their people have a good life. They really hate Islam as if my religion is going to spread the biggest virus in the world. No. Not at all. Islam is the only religion who taught the believers to spread kindness and positivity. I think, for those who really hate Islam and does not have any logical thinking on why must hate Islam, must be mentally abused by their blackened heart. They must be easily manipulated by the spread of media about negative sides of Islam. Actually, Islam does not have negative sides but it actually depends on the believers who brings the name of Islam. Islam is not at fault. As usual, we are also human, always does silly mistake but we can learn from the mistake.

For those who hate Islam, they must be having conflict with their depression in their life and cannot decide well- cannot distinguish between bad and good things. Are you serious, you guys who hate Islam so much cannot distinguish between positive and negative? I have to recommend to you, you have to calm down yourself and do what makes you happy. Why bother to hate Islam that does not even try to disturb your life? Why do you think Islam is going to disturb your life, anyway, for those who are hating Islam? Islam is the only religion will bring you back to the right path. You just hate it because you trying to deny the truth, the real truth. You hate to think that Islam is too perfect, then, you directly jump to conclusion that Islam is not suitable for your life. Islam does not even force you to be one of the believers but you can read and make research on the facts via Al-Quran and Hadis and Sunnah.

In my opinion, there must be a solid reason why that leader really hate Islam. It must be a conspiracy. Actually, there is nothing to be worried and hate about Islam. Nothing. Islam is doing nothing wrong. It is only you who are misunderstanding the real condition and the facts behind it. I just want some peaceful country and I hope we are all living in His mercy. Amin….

Spread love, not hatred!

Be wise!

Hey, we are all have one dream, to be the only the best of human race who can spread positivity and kindness to all over the world. Don’t ever fall into the trap that offer you wealth and power under any circumstances. Because, it will show your own personality. We deserve better to contribute the best thing in people live which is PEACE.

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let’s start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me





Pay For The Rent

Assalamualaikum and very good morning. I wish we would have a long good day today, In Syaa Allah, all things in His will. But, my morning introduction was not good enough because, clearly I remembered at 6:25 a.m., my foot got stung by black-yellow-striped bee. I wasn’t feel bad at first because I thought this pain was come from something not dangerous. I tried hardly to find where did I just put my hair clips, so MAD !! ughhh!! Later, when I found out that I get stung by bee, my blur/lost/”drunk” suddenly turned into panic. WHatt!!! I cried and cried, I thought I’m going to get disease, I went to find mom at kitchen, shown her my feet~my sister was also there. They just feeling nothing when they saw my feet, in my mind, “I got stung by a bee! Why did they feel nothing to be freaked out?” Ohhh yaa, sister asked me to go get “minyak gamat” and put on the place that get stung. I cried when the oil was not coming out, I forced it while I cry. Ughh… Till now, I still feel the pain. Spoil.

Yesterday, in the evening, I went to kitchen to wash dishes. I speed up my movement and when I was about to hold the cup holder, it suddenly broken and my thumb got injured. Ohmaigood.. Then I said, “why should I say Omaigod, I should say Allahu Akhbar” I repeated saying Allahu Akhbar more than twice. It was painless but I can’t hold myself looking at the blood dripping so fast. Ouch, just at one look just hurt enough. Oh man, my blood’s going to decrease. So, I kept the water pipes streaming down my left thumb while the right hand was trying to fry the fish(for my cat;they hadn’t eaten for half a day because I wasn’t at home).

This morning, I feel so scared for the things that keep following up. I am afraid because I just remembered the sins that I have done. Istighfar more than twice because I feel so afraid of what I have done. The thing that I have done is really the biggest mistake that happens repeatedly. This is making me more guilty. Maybe, the small wound that keep happening to me is just a warning or kifarah, a pay for me because I use His world to make a lot of mistakes that I should have learned the lesson long time ago. This is the pay that I’ve got to pay the rent. We, in this world, we just rent it for awhile and you must do something to pay it to the Creator. You must obey all of His rules. Who is He? Allah, the Creator of this world and afterlife. If you don’t believe, it is none of my business. I just telling you that we are all renting this world just to stay for awhile, do some good deeds to pay for the rent.